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mishka keep watch rug Mishka Keep Watch Rug

Brooklyn based brand Mishka presents their probably most important graphic, the ‘Keep Watch’ eye ball, in the form of a rug. A perfect interior detail, setting your apartment apart from all others, the rug is now available in the Mishka online store.

MUSIC JUNQUI: ‘Watch the Throne’ Review

From the moment Kanye West first tweeted about being in the studio with Jay-Z, preparing to make magic, fans of both artists and of hip hop in general had their eyes waiting at the throne. After releasing the first (unofficial) track H.A.M., people knew something big was coming, but not sure what, or when. With the release date of the rightfully titled “Watch The Throne” being changed numerous times, fans (myself included) began to grow a little wary, but were ready, nonetheless.
WTT was finally released on August 8 of this year and as expected, the dynamic duo did not disappoint. From the opening bass, drums and coercion of Frank Ocean’s voice on “No Church in the Wild” to the closing familiar sound of “The Joy”, Jay-Z and Ye and undoubtedly created a classic.
Being two of the greatest in the current hip hop game, and possessing somewhat “cocky” attitudes, the bragging aspect from both the Brooklyn and the Chicago natives isn’t too shocking; and these are prevalent in songs such as “Otis” (the 1st official single) and “N*ggas in Paris”. But to balance out this boastful approach, Jay and Ye take a humble one with “Lift Off” (ft. Beyoncé) and “Made it in America” (ft. Frank Ocean) which are tracks that show these artists in a slight state of awe at their life in the fab lane.
Moreover, one of the great things about Jay and Ye is that they are REAL. There’s never any element of sugar-coating in what they have to say. And they show this is all the tracks, but more poignantly on “Murder to Excellence” and “Primetime”. (Respect to Jay for mentioning Pace University student DanRoy Henry in “Murder to Excellence” who was shot and killed by police last year.) Along with the mention of the controversial Henry issue, Kanye brings up the common discussion of ever-present racism; “Cassius in his prime, Coloring out of the line / Cause they don’t want nobody that’s colored out of the lines / So I’m late as a mother***er, colored people time”.
With production by Ye himself, Pharrell, and No I.D. among others, WTT is one hip hop album that will be added to the “classic” lift of previous Jay and Ye albums and hip hop albums overall.



SHEESH! this what im talking about! This video brings me back to ‘H to the IZZO’ video. With Kanye showing off his tatt and everyone looking chill and no so satanic.
Soooo….(tapping the mic and clears throat) I present to you ‘Otis’ by Jay-Z and Kanye West, from their album ‘Watch The Throne’. The video was directed by none other than Spike Jonze. Enjoy!

FASHION JUNQUI: Baby You Can Invade My Space At Anytime With that Watch!


Okay, I’m not going to lie when I say I have no clue what video game this is from. I just look at the watch and didn’t care. Trif’? I know, I’m sorry. I had to tell on myself. Whatever the case is you have to admit that knowing the “Where and How’s” right now are irrelevant after looking at the “What”.

Apparently, after having signed a licensing agreement with TAITO Corporation on the Space Invaders franchise, Swiss watch maker Romain Jerome presents the first watches, featuring the iconic characters of the video game. The brand presents two limited edition watches, each coming in a series of 78 pieces, paying tribute to the 1978 birth year of the Space Invaders game. One of the watches features a colorful Space Invaders dial, while the other one comes with a more subtle glow-in-the-dark version of the characters. Like I said #NICE!


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