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MUSIC JUNQUI: Kat Graham is that Chic!


The Lovely 21-year-old Kat Graham , from Geneva, Switzerland has a line of many talents, from Singing, Acting and Dancing. Not only that she is highly fashionable and shows off her real beauty but the fact that she’s has been in the entertainment business since she was six is simply tell of that Kat is a young beautiful girl with many backgrounds but with bigger and better dreams.

Katerina has appeared on a full tour with the Black Eyed Peas and has released her own singles such as “Sassy”(2010) And “Cold Hearted Snake” and her new single “I Want It All”(2011) which tells you what type of girl this young girl wants to be portrayed as “Independent” , “Strong” and the next big thing in the Pop Music Industry. Although there are many people in competition with the music industry WHO KNOWS! Kat might just be the perfect entertainer , young , talented and hardworking. Kat is an actress on vampire diaries and one of the breakout stars really has a good thing going for her.


“Cold Hearted Snake”

” I Want It All”

MUSIC JUNQUI: Sade On Tour, Back And Even Better !


The Lovely And Magnificent singer Sade is on tour embracing her voice to everyones ears . Sade a soft soul singer from the 90’s returned last year with her latest album ” Soldier Of Love” which Soldier Of Love -Single made a good amount of media attention also Sade was nominated last year at the B.E.T. Awards although she did not win, Sade is one sticking in the music game.

With a very special guest John Legend whose songs of wisdom and piano playing talent , sade is definatley ready to entertain.

so go and support Sade & John Legend tour dates are set and check them out http://www.sadetour.com/


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