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MUSIC JUNQUI: Video: Odd Future Freestyle at Terry Richardson’s Studio…


Odd Future and photographer Terry Richardson seem like they have the most fun at their shoots. The two have worked together numerous times already. On the most recent visit of the Odd Future crew, including Tyler The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt, they started free styling. The entire crew was in place, including Tyler The Creator, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, Earl Sweatshirt, Left Brain, Mike G, Jasper, Taco, Frank Ocean, Lucas and Syd The Kyd.

Now (ugh em *clears throat*)…I can do better than this. I am no rapper, emcee and no I don’t spit. But this was super wack. I was hoping for better from this awesomely talented group. Although here and there Tyler the Creator did say some funny stuff like “TALKIN TO YO B*TCH, I’M DOCTOR DOLITTLE”.

Watch the video now for yourself below and comment with your thoughts.

MUSIC JUNQUI: Just a little touch: Frank Ocean Releases Snippet for Untitled Single On Upcoming Album “Channel Orange”

Frank Ocean Ribbon

Talented and Creative the “Cool Boy” from  Odd Future releases his album title “Channel Orange” which is set to be released on July 17th’, 2012 and alongside that a snippet of his latest untitled single. Frank Ocean has lately been releasing music that has given us the hope to want to  hear the whole entire album.

Although his latest song “Thinking Bout’ You” is starting to receive the airplay that it should have deserved months ago, just the beat alone on this new unofficial single snippet gives you hope that his new album will be remembered and recognized.  Also as a fan of Frank Ocean I hope that when the official single is dropped that it recieves the recognition it deserves. From what Frank has been presenting to his fans it is something well earned.

Although Frank Ocean has not yet reached complete fame in the music industry , he is on his way and the process is definitely worth it for him and his fans. This summer hit and upcoming album , will definitely catch your attention. So check out this snippet of his new and untitled single off of the album “Channel Orange”.

MUSIC JUNQUI: Frank Ocean ‘Whip Appeal’


Late last night Frank Ocean leaked a new song through his tumblr page. You can now listen to ‘Whip Appeal’ here below and he once again does not disappoint. This track will not come as part of the OF Tape Vol. 2, which releases tomorrow. Enjoy!

MUSIC X FASHION JUNQUI: Odd Future Concert & Pop Up Shop NYC


This Tuesday March 20th Odd Future‘s U.S tour comes to New York City. The gang will be performing at The Hammerstein Ballroom on 34th street, Odd Future has recently started to open pop up shops in every location they tour in. So in addition to the concert on Tuesday their pop up shop will be opening for all of your OF merchandise. Check the flyer above for more information regarding their arrival in New York.

MUSIC JUNQUI: Odd Future – NY (Ned Flander) FT. Hodgy Beats & Tyler, The Creator

We present a new music video by Odd Future from their OF Tape Volume 2, releasing March 20th , 2012. The video for the track ‘NY (Ned Flander)’ features Hodgy Beats and Tyler, The Creator.

Directed By Wolf Haley
Filmed By Luis Perez
Produced Tara Razavi



Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt has been gone for a while and it finally looks like he returned. After new Twitter and Tumblr pages surfaced this week, Earl posted the below video featuring himself and teasing with new music. In the video he says that once his Twitter account has reached 50′000 fans he will release the song. As you can imagine that did not take very long.

MUSIC JUNQUI: Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin’ Bout You”

frank ocean

The Singing member Frank Ocean of the Multi-talented Group OFWGKTA Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All , has been stepping up his game with raw and redefined music. Ocean continues to give his audience the ability to enjoy the music of our future and understand his definition of real music.

Ocean , has lately been gaining a decent amount of fame , but recently he had a single released called “Thinkin’ Bout You” that is being recognized majorly over the internet and has a lot of meaning behind the words stated. So Check It Out.

“Thinking About You”



Tomorrow, 07/07/11, will see the OFWGKTA one day pop up store at The Hideout store in London. OFWGTKA official clothing will be available instore with a guest appearance from Tyler the Creator and other members of OFWGTKA…



The Real Meaning Of A UnderGround Artist, – The Future

One of the new outbreaks of music , is by a highly loved trend called the Wolf Gang , With many believers in the music they follow.

such artists: As Frank Ocean , Tyler The Creator(Wolf Haley) , Hodgy Beats and Earl … have emerged from underground music as highly favored artist working on their Art of music , or even trend to become the next style. OFWGKTA ( Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All ). The best part about the dynamic fusion of artist is that each of them are overwhelmingly talented even on their own. (more…)


We Rock with Frank Ocean! Word is bond! His music is dope, and his drive for music is cool, too. I really, really like this guy’s sound. I have been sitting up listening to his music for the past few hours, loving it.

Junquies, I urge you to GO AFTER YOU DREAMS! Christopher Francis Ocean did. He moved from New Orleans to LA and became Frank Ocean, to pursue his career in music. Even after facing obstacles like Hurricane Katrina all the way to industry politics, this 23 year-old LA based artist is blowing up! His debut album, nostalgia, ULTRA. has been getting crazy downloads at an unexpected pace. This album is off the hook!  (more…)


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