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MUSIC JUNQUI: New Music: The Weeknd – Enemy

Without a word. Following the first of three sold out back-to-back NYC shows, Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, has released this new track titled “Enemy“. His debut album Trilogy is out November 13, 2012.

MUSIC JUNQUI: Download: Mac Miller X Pharrell Williams – “Glow”


Late last night, Mac Miller let loose the latest single, “Glow,”from his forthcoming Pink Slime collaborative EP withPharrell Williams. The producer/designer provides a frantic, Neptunes like beat for the Pittsburgh rapper to throw bars at.

There isn’t any release for the project, whose first single was”Onaroll.” The project is definitely a go, with Skateboard P revealing in June that the pair had recorded about 10 tracks together.

Listen to and download “Glow” after the flip.

MUSIC JUNQUI: VIDEO: ScHoolboy Q – There He Go

Off Schoolboy Q’Habits & Contradictions he calls on the Director skills of David M. Helman. A few funny cameos by KendrickAb Soul & Jay Rock. The animation gives this video a real trippy vibe.


FASHION JUNQUI: Bride of Christ “CROSSES X BOSSES” Summer 12′ Collection


“Crosses & Bosses” Summer 2012 Collection

Bride of Christ just released their first “Crosses & Bosses” summer 12’ collection. Crosses & Bosses brings new tanks & tees with a swag that boast unapologetic, in-your-face graphics. The collection highlights Bride of Christ’s highly original illustrative style. Coming in a series of summer colors, the t-shirts will be available online at boclifestyle.com, for Pre-Orders, June 15th. From simple small chest prints to bolder prints all over the front and back of the tees, the range includes something for everybody.


FASHION MUSIC: VIDEO: Lupe Fiasco “Around My Way [Freedom Ain’t Free]”

lupe fiasco around my way Music: Lupe Fiasco   Around My Way [Freedom Aint Free]

Snippets of the song and artwork were released in bits over the last week. Late last night Lupe Fiasco has released the full audio for his new track, Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free). You can listen to the tunes now here below.

MUSIC JUNQUI: Profound Profanity Mixtape by Richard Reyes

“When I think of jazz I think of elegance and this perfect music that is usually very profound. Hip-hop and R&B is a little bit more rebellious and profane.”- Richard Reyes

Profound Profanity by Richard Reyes is a mix of contrasting elements from hard hitting hip–hop beats with a jazzy-soulful lyric and vocal style. I love how his voice sounds so soulful over those hypnotic hip hop beats. Download it and check it for yourself.

Twitter @Richardreyesmusic 


FRANK!!!  Frank  Ocean debuted a new song! Rumored to be called ‘Forrest Gump’ at Coachella 2012  that was the dopiest. I love how the into had the organ made me feel like I was in church or listening to an old Sam Cooke record. Then dude goes and covers Lauryn Hill’s ‘Tell Him’ and performed a slightly different version of ‘American Wedding’, a cover of The Eagles’s ‘Hotel California’. First off you guys know how I feel about Ms. Hill and her music, and I love it!!!!! Great job kiddo!



Nah thats not The Weeknd…its Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter JMSN!!!  JMSN (pronounced Jameson) is primed to ride the creative new wave that has washed across R&B music over the past year or so. The alternative R&B/pop-soul artist has already garnered early comparisons to The Weeknd based off his first single, “Alone,”a drugged-out tune full of eerie drums and foggy atmospherics.

Now with his new album †Priscilla†, JMSN proves that comparison to be a bit reductionist. Certainly, drugs pervade the artistic worlds of the two artists, and both share a propensity for layered, falsetto vocals – but where The Weeknd is engulfed in a drugs-and-sex-filled existence to the point of emotional void, JMSN is emotionally distant but perpetually longing for what he wishes he had. In some ways, †Priscilla† – a full-length rumination on lost love – feels very much like a complementary piece to 808s & Heartbreak.

JMSN, though, isn’t a mimic of his recent contemporaries. In stretching †Priscilla† to an almost-too-long 16 tracks, he gives his compositions room to expand, pull back, shift, and surprise: check the dark, jazzy soul of “Love & Pain” or the serene closer “Nunca Se Sabra.”

What makes †Priscilla† all the more impressive is that it’s also entirely self-produced. And far from being just a novelty, the production is one of the highlights of the LP. Each of the songs is a construction of three or four layers of instrumentation, with ace-in-the-hole Jamie Saunders playing live strings on more than half of the tracks here – providing JMSN’s sound added drama and weight without veering into overkill.

Lyrically, tracks like “Something” and “Fire” risk making the object of JMSN’s affection something of a caricature – from the woman-as-addiction metaphor implied on the former track to the disturbingly dark imagery of the latter. But JMSN makes enough reflective concessions towards his muse to render his account honest: the sombre torch song “Runaway” is steeped in self-wallowing until almost the very end where he finally admits, “What you needed isn’t what I wanted to do.” It’s a telling line from an artist confident in his album’s style and story. And he deserves to be. †Priscilla† is by no means perfect, but it’s a damn fine first project from an artist who seems to have finally found his niche after years of trying to break into the industry. Alternative R&B. Indie R&B. Call it what you want – the music speaks for itself.

Continue reading to hear †Priscilla† is streaming in its entirety.


FASHION JUNQUI: Hi Rihanna!… Hi Armani!


On the Grammy carpet Sunday night, Rihanna Killed the red carpet! Sporting long, tousled blonde hair with long wavy bangs — arrived in a barely-there, super-sexy black gown with a belly-grazing v-neck and a very low back. She said her look was a “collaboration” between herself and Italian designer Giorgio Armani.

“We’ve been working together for a long time and he trusts me,” she explained. “I wanted to do something ‘very Michelle Pfeiffer from Scarface.'”

Rihanna sparkled in Neil Lane jewels – diamond and gold snake armlet, a wide gold cuff, jazzy gold and diamond rings and geometric diamond and gold triangle earrings. She finished off her look with Jacquie Aiche body necklaces,Christian Louboutin shoes, and Jimmy Choo clutch.

 What do you think of RiRi’s Grammy gown? Comment below and tell us!


Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt has been gone for a while and it finally looks like he returned. After new Twitter and Tumblr pages surfaced this week, Earl posted the below video featuring himself and teasing with new music. In the video he says that once his Twitter account has reached 50′000 fans he will release the song. As you can imagine that did not take very long.

MUSIC JUNQUI: NEW MUSIC: Chris Shaw x One Day x Kodak

With songs such as “One Day”, and the raw honesty is possesses, Chris Shaw is presenting something that the music industry could use a lot more of – unadulterated talent. Shaw – who was born in New York City, moved to England, back to NYC, then New Jersey – was exposed to so much in his younger years, especially musically. His musical talents which he currently has, are attributed to younger years of “experimenting with writing songs” by “following along with someones melodies [through the radio] and replacing their words”, Shaw said.
After developing his musical sound with his God brother – who is also a record producer – and with musical influence everywhere from Kendrick Lamar to Paramore, Shaw began to create music. For a muse, Shaw uses his past. “I saw a lot and experienced a lot before starting on this musical journey”, he said. “I know as things go forward there will be much more experience to draw from.” This idea is apparent in “One Day”, where he sings of making himself a better man to make the woman he loves smile.
One thing Music JUNQUI’s appreciate from all artists is music with a message, and that is something Shaw not only exemplifies, but has strong feelings toward music possessing a message as well. “Music in its inception was never intended to just be noise and rhythm”, he said. “It was intended to spark change.” He goes on speaking of how music should inspire others and should be somewhat of a public diary; music without a message has no point, Shaw said.
In his song “Take a Kodak”, Shaw talks of growing up and feeling as though his only friends were himself and his music – but that was all needed. Later, as he goes on in the song, all of that paid off – now that he is living his dream. Simply he says “But I am who I am/ Hope that sticks/If you don’t like it/I’ve got some advice and it’s/Take a picture/It’ll last long”.
Chris Shaw is something music needs to see: real, raw, and talented. Having influences from all across the board of musical genres, Shaw could be one to touch the lives of many different people through his music. And based on his talent, the Music JUNQUI sees great things in his future, as does he. In 5 years, Shaw said he expects to be engulfed completely in music, with a deal, and making music with the best of the best.
Check him out; you can’t regret good music.

FASHION JUNQUI: New York Fashion Week Street Style by Tommy Ton (MENS STYLE)


I’m super jealous of  Tommy Ton’s eye for fashion in photography. I’m in love with the angles and colors. Oh yea by the way some of you men may find some inspiration in here. Wink, wink. (more…)


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