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MUSIC JUNQUI: Old As Cheese: “I Left My Wallet In El Segundo

It’s all about the TRIBE!

MUSIC JUNQUI: Happy Birthday to the “Man In The Mirror”

Greatness never dies. This is a true statement that can be applied to that of the greatest of all time, Michael Jackson. His music has broken barriers, changed lives, and music as whole; he has inspired majority of the artists we know and love today.

On this day, we celebrate him, his life and his art.

Happy birthday Michael Joseph Jackson!

MUSIC JUNQUI: Thursday X the Weeknd


Finally, the Weeknd releases the much anticipated mixtape ‘Thursday’. Thursday is second of the three mixtapes sand the follow-up to House of Balloons. The Weeknd has been sending out rand hints about ‘Thursday’s release and I’m so glad he finally did it. I’m not sure what you all will be doing this weekend (no pun intended) but I will be drowned out listening to Thursday! Can’t wait until Echoes of Silence in Fall drops later this year.
Download Thursday .

Thursday’s Tracklist
1. Lonely Star
2. Life Of The Party
3. Thursday
4. The Zone
5. The Birds Part One
6. The Birds Part Two
7. Gone
8. Rolling Stone
9. Heaven Or Vegas

MUSIC JUNQUI: Old As Cheese: “Rhythm Of the Night” x “Love Me In A Special Way”

The 80’s wouldn’t be complete without the Detroit-rooted DeBarge family. Along with the successful solo careers of El and Chico DeBarge, the family as a whole is comparable to that of the Jackson 5. “Rhythm Of the Night” is one of the most well-known songs of that era; and before they disbanded, DeBarge got a few more hits under their belt – such as one of my favorites “Love Me In A Special Way”.


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