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ART X FASHION JUNQUI: Kidult DOES IT AGAIN! HE Tagged SoHo Marc Jacobs Store! OMG

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Kidult Hits Marc Jacobs In New York City

Last night in New York City, Kidult stopped by the Marc Jacobs store in SoHo at Mercer below Houston to blast it with his trademark paint filled fire extinguisher.
This adds up to his long list of fashion labels after Christian Louboutin, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Supreme.
The funny thing? Marc Jacobs’ PR appropriated it for their own branding and credited it to Art by Art Jacobs. Classic Laughs!

FASHION JUNQUI: Hermes J’aime Mon Carré


There’s been a lot of internet buzz around Hermes’ scarf campaign and now a site has been launched (which is where the above image is pulled from). It features women from major cities, photographed out and about, living their lives. If ever there was evidence of the influence of streetwear style seeping into the mainstream, this would be it. The recognition of the movement is great, but I’d be so much more excited if the M.O.B., Hellz and Claws of the world were reaping the benefits of recognition from a movement they helped start, along with getting their hands on an ad budget the same size as Hermes. Maybe then the featured models wouldn’t all look so damn the same. I mean, do no black women love their scarves? (Which, note to other brands looking to cop off of street style…one of its distinguishing features is its diversity!) Images via Cadmus.  VIA HIGHSNOBETTE

Women having been wearing scarves for years! Highsnobette hit it right on the with this…Where are all the black women?


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