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MUSIC: Watch the Official Music Video for Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead”


Finally, Kanye West released the official video for “Black Skinhead”! West and his creative team DONDA have worked with renowned photographer and director Nick Knight on the official music video for his new track “Black Skinhead” from the Yeezus album. The video was officially released today and comes along with an interactive experience on KanyeWest.com. Users can change the motion speed and corresponding sound and one can also capture still images of the compelling visual language of the video. BTW, Kanye’s marketing team is amazing!!!!

Get the full experience now here.


 We are entering my favorite season of the whole year…Fall!!!  This “Try it Tuesday” we are trying out two of fall’s hottest trends the Coated Denim in a deep, rust-red scarlet, Venetian Red.  With a wet, waxy finish, coated denim is a slick way to get the “leather” look without sacrificing any vegan values — or your wallet. And — don’t let the texture fool you…they’re surprisingly stretchy! Good Luck!

FASHION JUNQUI:Stampd All Black Studded Weekender Bag

 Stampd All Black Studded Weekender Bag

Stampd kills again with this trill all black studded weekender. The full-grain black leather black features just over 400 all black pyramid studs placed across the bag. Limited to only 50 pieces, the bag is now available on the Stampd online store.

THE JUNQUI: Happy Birthday To The Creator Of theJUNQUI


Although this is a day late, on behalf of the JUNQUI , and myself we would like to say Happy Birthday to our Creator and Leader Quiana Parks.

Thank you for the opportunity for writing for the JUNQUI, We love you and adore you. Although we have not reached our highest point yet with the blog, with a creator like you Quiana we will become even bigger and better. So once again from all the writers for this wonderful site and blog and myself we wish you a blessed Happy Birthday week and years to come<3.

Thank you.

FASHION JUNQUI: Hi Rihanna!… Hi Armani!


On the Grammy carpet Sunday night, Rihanna Killed the red carpet! Sporting long, tousled blonde hair with long wavy bangs — arrived in a barely-there, super-sexy black gown with a belly-grazing v-neck and a very low back. She said her look was a “collaboration” between herself and Italian designer Giorgio Armani.

“We’ve been working together for a long time and he trusts me,” she explained. “I wanted to do something ‘very Michelle Pfeiffer from Scarface.'”

Rihanna sparkled in Neil Lane jewels – diamond and gold snake armlet, a wide gold cuff, jazzy gold and diamond rings and geometric diamond and gold triangle earrings. She finished off her look with Jacquie Aiche body necklaces,Christian Louboutin shoes, and Jimmy Choo clutch.

 What do you think of RiRi’s Grammy gown? Comment below and tell us!


Emeli Sandé

Emeli Sandé  is a Scottish R&B and Soul recording artist and songwriter. Her music is bomb. Or as Kanye would say it “that ish cray”.  Sandé first became known to the public eye after she featured on rapper Chipmunk’s debut single, “Diamond Rings”, which gained herself and Chipmunk a first top 10 singles on the UK Singles Chart. Before she became “Emeli” she was Adele Emeli Sandé a girl from Alford, Scotland and studied medicine at University of Glasgow.

Since then Emeli has appeared again on Roll Deep star, Wiley’s “Never Be Your Woman”, which became another top ten hit. Simon Cowell called her “his favourite songwriter at the minute”. She has written for a number of artists, including Cher Lloyd, Susan Boyle, Preeya Kalidas, Leona Lewis, Cheryl Cole, and Tinie Tempah.

Sandé released her first solo single “Heaven” in August 2011, and her debut album, Our Version of Events, is set to be released in November 2011.



Wednesday night Lenny and the boys KILLED at Terminal 5 in NYC. He sang the new and the old for us. He even sang my favorite song “Cab Driver”! Lenny rocks my world! Major cool points!





FASHION JUNQUI: Fade to Black Shine On Black Matte Manicure


Wow…I’m speechless. Simple and Sexy, my two favorite things. Too fierce for words, via Bleachblack.

FASHION JUNQUI: Vogue Italia Online: “Slave Earrings”


I was one of the many fashion-lovers who was ecstatic to hear about Vogue Italia’s All Black Issue back in 2008. There were some nay-sayers who argued that having a “special” issue dedicated to models of the non-European persuasion was not necessarily a step in the right direction. However, everyone could agree that it at least sparked a much needed conversation that is still going on to this day. With the recent addition of Vogue Curvy, my love for Vogue Italia was beginning to rise. Who knew it would only take two words to knock me down?

On Vogue Italia’s Shop The Trend section on their site, their first link is distastefully entitled: “SLAVE EARRINGS”. I refreshed the page to make sure I wasn’t seeing a typo. Still there. I changed the translation from Italian to English. No language difference. How could one of the most prominent magazine publications in the world let something so idiotic and unnerving get approved to be published online? No doubt it has been seen by countless others, and many more are commenting as we speak. So, before Vogue releases their impending politically correct apology, check it out here and tell The Junqui what you think. Is it outrageous or should we just get over it?- by Deva Fulcher

MUSIC JUNQUI: Big Sean Album Dropped,Are You Ready For G.O.O.D Music?

Big Sean -Finally Famous Cover

If you’re already familiar with Big Sean because of his magnificent lyrics or his jaw dropping performance that he did on the 2011 B.E.T Awards, you would know that his album Finally Famous was just dropped June 28, 2011 with his head bumping music and his hype lyrics on this new album Big Sean is definitely something BIG to the music world. Go and support him.

Big Sean’s new album represents his whole focus on his music for people to know where he comes from and to really know how to understand “Good Music”. The name of his album is Finally Famous and the reason that his album name is that is because he’s trying to show everyone that he worked hard for the publicity that he recently has been receiving and he loves the chances he has been given. Big Sean music on the new album features such artist as Kanye West, Pharell, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, Drake and more.

Every rapper has one thing that the world loves them for, their #OWNSTYLE. Big Sean certainly has a great sense of style. Above, Check out our Big Sean inspired outfit. Also check his single off of his new album, Finally Famous, ‘My Last’ featuring Chris Brown. (more…)




Haus of Lacquer showcases this fresh manicure with a tribal print and a slanted nail! #NICE! BTW Follow theJUNQUI on twitter! @theJUNQUI!

MUSIC JUNQUI:Gabrielle Findley

Okay, so you all know I go to Open Mic night at Cecils Jazz Lounge for open mic night to see the new talent and enjoy myself. I went the other night and saw Gabrielle Findley. She was amazing, so amazing that I had to approach her about getting her on theJUNQUI for you all to see and hear. I loved her music and her fashion. She and her band all came dressed like a modern day homeless person. Now, I’ve never seen a homeless person look as fly as they did but hey they pulled it off well. They were dope and the music was super dope! I asked Gabby a few questions, you can read on the next page and please don’t forget to listen to her music! It’s really good! (more…)


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