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Tri-State area, NYC & NJ people come out to the Bowery Poetry Club  April 24th, Sol Infinite will be performing alongside, Rav. PJohnny Prince9th Element, & hailing from Berlin, Germany Kyss Major.

A DJ set from  Black Pawn 
Hosting the show will be   Seldom Seen with special guest artist Efrain Eleazar Aguilar Jr. who’s artwork will be on display as well as for sale.

Please make it out, it will be a great night of Good Music & Good People.

10 PM.

If you cant make it out, and for those outside the Tri-State Area. Show will be streaming live http://www.bowerypoetrylive.com/

THE JUNQUI: Happy Birthday To The Creator Of theJUNQUI


Although this is a day late, on behalf of the JUNQUI , and myself we would like to say Happy Birthday to our Creator and Leader Quiana Parks.

Thank you for the opportunity for writing for the JUNQUI, We love you and adore you. Although we have not reached our highest point yet with the blog, with a creator like you Quiana we will become even bigger and better. So once again from all the writers for this wonderful site and blog and myself we wish you a blessed Happy Birthday week and years to come<3.

Thank you.


About theJUNQUI

We aspire to help up-and-coming artists promote and expose their music, art, designs and creativity to fans and other artists alike by giving them a platform to showcase their works. Unlike big corporations that are solely out for a profit, theJUNQUI looks to help underexposed artists with superstar potential take their talent to the next level while establishing personal, friendly, and honest communication. (more…)


Looking for a good book to read? Check out one of my fav book publishers/stores OHWOW. Designed by Rafael de Cardenas, the store has a new swag  and combines both a store front and reading room. A must check out on your next NYC trip.

OHWOW Book Club Store
227 Waverly Place
between Perry St & W 11St
New York City



Rosson Crow

Rosson is a history painter, or rather a very exciting update to a history painter. She is a “site specific painter” in the sense that she travels to and often lives for an extended time in the city she plans to make an exhibition in. For Bowery Boys Rosson lived in the city for six months, researching the 1880s Bowery scene, the 1980s downtown scene, and today’s artists connection to and deviation from those precedents, in search of what makes right now so unique.

Rosson seeks to explore how “bad boys”—or lets say renegade illegal activity of either gender I suppose—have shaped the cultural history of New York, and also how the idea of “the bad boy” influences both the recent and current art scene as it gets made into art history. How has the spirit of illegality and rebellious youth shaped our experience of the city today? Gangs, graffiti, gays, drugs and illicit sex are part of the city’s spirit, the vitality of the streets, but also form a big part of the art world today. How has the New Yorker’s love for this spirit shaped recent art history and influenced the young practitioners of its tradition?- excerpt from Bowery Flash by Kathy Grayson



For the first posting for 2011 I’d like to introduce you all to Jacinta  Calzada. Calzada’s words flow through your ears, circle and explore your mind, travel through every vein of your body and find a home in your heart. Enjoy!


Love, Sex, and Solitude
A perfect world entrapped in this robust vision of life
Pressures on, a woman scorn
Frustration that flows from the lead of my pencil, to the heart of the lines of a single piece of paper
A soothing touch that secures my heart
An infatuation with pleasure where your man hood stimulates me physically and helps me reach an intense climax
that leaves me yearning for more
Not thinking of the repercussion of conception
My time to rhyme and find, find the me that deserves to love and be loved
A deep connection into my perfect world
Let me take you on an odyssey of my intense being
Seeing what I see, bleeding tears how I bleed
Long days, lonely nights, and inadequate satisfaction
Three entities that are a fraction of my perfect world; love, sex, and solitude
A universal equation that supports all formulas-  Jacinta Calzada



Thanks to all our loyal readers the JUNQUI is moving at an extremely fast pace. We honestly would be no where if it weren’t for YOU! We have so many types of JUNQUIES [junkies] here and want to be able to provide each and every one of you with your JUNQ [junk]. With that being said we have created a poll to try to find out what kind of JUNQUIES our readers are.
Please VOTE and also COMMENT to let us know what kind of JUNQ you crave for.

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