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BrandNewJersey is hip-hop’s  up and coming quintessential renaissance man. BrandNewJersey is on a journey to prove to be one of the most talented members of the hip-hop generation.  Born Randy Markiest Hale, on Feb. 2nd 1991, in Southern California and raised in Hackenack, NJ. With comparisons to an early Nas, Jay-z, Rakim and Andre 3000, Brandnewjersey has set out a quest to be one of the most recognized and respected lyricists, and writers of generations. Wrapped in an urban alternative style to compliment his music, He touches the roots of traditional hip-hop, along with alternative hip-hop, mixed with poetic compositions. Eager to bridge the gap between ancient times, modern times, and also with the future in view, Brand New along with his CLean Culture movement has began a craze, that is destined to be around for Many Years to Come. Read the interview with BrandNewJersey, watch the video and download the mixtape all on theJUNQUI…

Questions by Quiana…Answers by BrandNewJersey.

QUI: When did you fall each fall in love w/ music?

BRANDNEWJERSEY: I’ve always been a lover of music and hip-hop. My earliest memories are going to the studio with my mom, she was a writer so i’ve always been around the atmosphere. I’d say when i was 14 my love grew and changed my life. I’d listened to “The Beautiful Struggle” from Talib Kweli and “20th century masters” from rakim which had his greatest hits on it. These two really developed in me the art of emceeing and made me want to give it my all in consciously demonstarating my passions, loves, creativity and ideas.
QUI: Who are you’re influences growing up?
BRANDNEWJERSEY: I grew up on Nas, I’ve always loved his lyrics with a poetic twist in them. Early Jay-Z of course will always be respected. Style and originality, I was heavily influenced by a Tribe Called Quest. Andre 3000 as well for qualities I previosly named, and also his poetic stanzas in his flows to me makes him one of the greatest. For concious references would be Talib Kweli, Mos Def and Common they showed me how I could express whats in me that is deep over beats. And of course Rakim the teacher, the original MC showing me how to move the crowd and develop styles that all would soon want to follow. These are who make me, me. I combine all of my inspirations and throw my own twist to help me develop a unique original style.
QUI: Where did the name ‘BrandNewJersey’ originate?
BRANDNEWJERSEY: When I first started rapping my first name was SunSon. Everyone would always say “Waddup SunSon”. So that stuck. I moved to New Jersey when I was 11 and my mother said New Jersey pretty much adopted me thus eventually becoming Jersey Son (Jersey’s Son). As I grew older and got more into style and moved back west for a while I chose a cool name I liked which was brand new. I felt it defined me. I moved back to Jersey when I was 19 and sought to go by Brand New. Unfortunately that name is taken by a rock band. So what i did was combined Brand New with Jersey Son, and since I was now older and more mature I’d become the BrandNewJersey. And since I seek to bring a different approach to my music and movement this will be a BrandNewJersey as well!
QUI: What is CLean Culture?
BRANDNEWJERSEY: Positive, creative, inspirational, sophisticated, loving, expressive are characteristics of the culture of the CLean. Many time today, movements and crews are started that promote gangs, and rebels, money makers or get fly crews. This is something different. As humans we associate ourselves with individuals similar to what our personality’s reflect. This is a group of CLean thinkers, people who think more positive than usual who seek to make a difference and who are just out to have fun, through my music I seek to reflect this, and for those who dont make music whether its writing, drawing, working, etc. Can all be a CLeanDividual.- CLean
QUI: What do you do on your down time?
BRANDNEWJERSEY: On my downtime I eat and write. I like to stay ahead of myself with my creative writing so, I write as much as I can, its one of the few things that are satisfying to my anxieties. If I’ve written enough I can relax and have a little more fun for a while until I feel the need to write again. I love to eat, and when theere going on, I love to catch an art show, or poetry slam. And laslty I just chill with my family and close friends buggin out.
QUI: Outside of music, What inspires your everyday creativity?
BRANDNEWJERSEY: Outside of music mostly I would say nature inspires my creativity. I am a nature embracer, everything we see around us from the stars to waterfalls etc. Can inspire me to create something I thought I would never be capable of. Also other creative minds, can inspire me, as well as movie plots, books, daily conversations, and lastly which I could put write next to nature would be Fashion. A good outfit can put me in a good mood inspiring me to take my swagg to another level as well as my lyrical content and flow. Fashion can be for me, like spinach was for popeye at times.
QUI: What message does your music send out?
BRANDNEWJERSEY: I want my music to definately touch hearts, soul music through hip-hop. “Be Real, Be Great, Be Heard. Be Ill, be the One to Speak Good Words. Show Love, Do You and BeYou.!” Thats the message I would like to get across in my music!
-FACEBOOK- BrandNewJersey
-Twitter- @BrandNewJersey
-Youtube- BrandNewJersey91

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