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MUSIC JUNQUI: Fred The Godson : City Of God Mixtape

The up and coming artist,  Fred The Godson who has been like most people, had to go through a journey , just to release a mixtape.

But what they all say that catches my attention is the fact, who inspires them. Fred The Godson said he fell in love with music, really when he saw Mc Hammer. From that day Fred realized he had the talents of creating words, words that he could create and put into great music. Fred The Godson has appeared on shows like B.E.T’s Rap City and has brought his talents to show off, now Fred is not Jay-Z who he says also inspires him and his music , but he is obviously one of those rappers that the music game needs. His looks are different , but it something that we seen before from such rappers like Biggie, Fat Joe, Rick Ross, and even Big Pun.  This game is not about looks , its about lyrics. 

The reason , theJUNQUI is now writing up about this artist, is because we needed time to see his talents and now were not the only one recognizing Fred’s talent , his single Monique’s Room has been played On and Off on Hot. 97.1 and other famous stations. This proves to you he has the talent to go farther than he is, Check out his mixtape cover:

If anything, we might start hearing about Fred The Godson more than often . Check out one of his latest single and my personal favorite. 

Monique’s Room (I Don’t Give A F-ck)


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