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FASHION JUNQUI: Let Your Fingers Do the Talking..

2012 is here, and with a new year comes new resolutions. You know the usual suspects – drink more water, exercise often, become more organized, blah-blah-blah. These honorable ideas sound great on paper, but they rarely become promises that people ACTUALLY keep. If you focus on improving the little things first, you can inch your way to the bigger picture. Becoming more expressive and showcasing your creativity is a more realistic resolution that can actually be achieved…and nothing screams expression and creativity like dramatic funky fresh nails.

Check out these three talented ladies who have some of the most steady hands and artistic minds in the biz…I have the pics to prove it!


Galaxy nails.

Nude & Neon Classic.


one of my Madeline Poole favorites..

ok, maybe THIS is my favorite.


Lisa Frank Nails! what a throwback..

Pocahontas/sunset nails..

Inspired by Oscar de la Renta Spring 2012/Givenchy Resort 2012


VERY abstract-expressionist..

simple, yet full of detail..

nail art inspired by the model's sweater print..

nails inspired by French artist Fafi..

Contact these gifted nail artists to bring out your best avant-garde style!

Madeline Poole: madelinepoolenails.tumblr.com / Madeline Poole Nail Art facebook / @MPnails /madelinepoole@gmail.com

Fleury Rose: fleuryrosenails.tumblr.com / Nails by Fleury Rose facebook / @fleuryrosenails /missfleury@gmail.com

Tacarra Spifster Sutton:spifster.tumblr.com / Spifster Nails facebook / @spifster / spifstersutton@gmail.com

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