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MUSIC JUNQUI: ATTENTION!!! Haters Make Me Famous The Name Is “Cher Lloyd”^_^

Determined , Motivated  and Fantastic , Cher Lloyd  is just not a pretty girl who believes that she can sing and rap , but rather than that she’s an interactive singer/rapper with her own VIEWS on her success. The beautiful and talented british singer/rapper Cher who has been hitting the media lately has expressed in ways how she feels about herself and her fans. Cher was a contestant on last season of the famous talent competition X Factor over in the UK  and although she did not win the entire competition she still had the ability to beat out the winner JLS with her Debut Single ” Swagger Jagger” which in the UK is what we like to say has people #BUMPING and over in the U.S is what we like to call #Blessed with entertainng people and bringing in many more fans.

But like many singers who have made it or is just on their way to a BIGBREAK although they are blessed with fans there will always be HATERS with criticism. One thing I respect about this Artist Good Or Not her haters make her stronger as an entertainer worldwide, because when you criticize people other people start to recognize the talent that an artist like Cher posses. Since Cher Lloyd is no stranger to criticism when asked how she feel about her Haters she stated : ‘Some people find it hard to come to terms with the fact that everyone is different. I think it all boils down to their own insecurities – if you’re unhappy with yourself, you’re going to pick on someone else, and that’s what they’re doing. I feel sorry for them. There are certain lines in the song [Swagger Jagger] that basically explain that, no matter what I do, people won’t stop writing about me and talking about me all the time. I’m still in people’s minds, whether they like me or they hate me.’ #TheJUNQUI US/UK would call this response as an young and mature Celebrity and with that mindset she has a great Journey ahead in this music business.

“Debut Single”

“Swagger Jagger”

When the song “Superhero”  released, I believe the fans really believed that she had a gift that was starting to shine , although some may disagree (obviously haters) For an artist to break down and Sing acoustically with just a guitar it takes more than talent , but really Determination, Motivation and Being Fantastic. Clearly She’s Has SWAG!

“Superhero” (Acoustic)

Check Her Out More On Her Site @: Cher Lloyd

P.S: Her Album Release Is November 2011

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