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ART X FASHION JUNQUI: Kidult DOES IT AGAIN! HE Tagged SoHo Marc Jacobs Store! OMG

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Kidult Hits Marc Jacobs In New York City

Last night in New York City, Kidult stopped by the Marc Jacobs store in SoHo at Mercer below Houston to blast it with his trademark paint filled fire extinguisher.
This adds up to his long list of fashion labels after Christian Louboutin, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Supreme.
The funny thing? Marc Jacobs’ PR appropriated it for their own branding and credited it to Art by Art Jacobs. Classic Laughs!

FASHION JUNQUI:Stampd All Black Studded Weekender Bag

 Stampd All Black Studded Weekender Bag

Stampd kills again with this trill all black studded weekender. The full-grain black leather black features just over 400 all black pyramid studs placed across the bag. Limited to only 50 pieces, the bag is now available on the Stampd online store.

ART X FASHION JUNQUI: Shantell Martin Limited Edition Hand Drawn Sweaters

02 Ink on Sweater Ink on Sweater ink on sweater 540x449 Shantell Martin Limited Edition Hand Drawn Sweaters

Artist Shantell Martin released a capsule collection of hand drawn sweat shirts adorned with her whimsical and quirky one of a kind line drawings.Available in small quantities, we love the idea of wearing   a unique piece. See more on the next page . Some are still available here. (more…)

FASHION JUNQUI: VINTAGE INSPIRATION: Brooke Shields Calvin Commercials

Here’s a little inspiration for all you Fashion JUNQUIs….and some humor. Here is Brooke Shields for Calvin Klein.

MUSIC JNQUI: A$AP Rocky – Goldie (Explicit)

A$AP Rocky’s latest video, “Goldie,” shot in Paris. For all you Fashion JUNQUIs Rocky  features designs by Alexander Wang and designer shout outs to Margiela and Christian Louboutin. Enjoy! (WARNING this video is EXPLICIT so no kids allow!)

FASHION JUNQUI: Push Putton Lime Fringe Back Shirt

sh1 1 417x540 Push Putton Lime Fringe Back Shirt

I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of fringe. I know surprising, right? But don’t you just love apparel with little surprises?  This classic shirt, hides a shimmying neon party in the back, by Korea’s very on  point  Push Button label. It is available here.

sh1 150x150 Push Putton Lime Fringe Back Shirt
sh1 1 150x150 Push Putton Lime Fringe Back Shirt
sh1 back 150x150 Push Putton Lime Fringe Back Shirt


FRANK!!!  Frank  Ocean debuted a new song! Rumored to be called ‘Forrest Gump’ at Coachella 2012  that was the dopiest. I love how the into had the organ made me feel like I was in church or listening to an old Sam Cooke record. Then dude goes and covers Lauryn Hill’s ‘Tell Him’ and performed a slightly different version of ‘American Wedding’, a cover of The Eagles’s ‘Hotel California’. First off you guys know how I feel about Ms. Hill and her music, and I love it!!!!! Great job kiddo!


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