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You weren’t there getting dirt in your sandals, confetti in your hair, or fanning away the massive clouds of smoke. (some even from *Le Gasp* smoke machines!) But who cares? That doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the festivities and live the boho-chic life vicariously through pictures. (Plus it’s alot cheaper…i dunno about YOU, but I need my coins!)

coachella coachella2 coachella8 coachella7 coachella6 coachella5 coachella4 coachella3 coachella14 coachella13 coachella12 coachella11 coachella10 coachella9 coachella20 coachella19 coachella18 coachella17 coachella16 coachella15 coachella26 coachella25 coachella24 coachella23 coachella22 coachella21 coachella32 coachella31 coachella30 coachella29 coachella28 coachella27 coachella38 coachella37 coachella35 coachella34 coachella33 coachella43 coachella42 coachella41 coachella40 coachella39



…and it don’t stop.


Want to look good while DOING good? H&M’s Conscious Collection covers all bases!

It’s commitment to utilizing organic materials and making less of an environmental impact is great…but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be running around in a potato sack! Think you have to choose between going green and being gorgeous? I don’t think so!

hm_con_3 hm_con_4 hm_con_7 hm_con_6 hm_con_2 hm_con_5 hm_con_8hm_con_9

Has a certain desert rose/exotic vacay feel, doesn’t it? Well the weather is certainly warming up, so make sure you snatch up these pieces before they’re gone! (P.S. the orange dress is already sold out online!)

There is also a higher-end collection called Conscious Exclusive, where the spotlight is on more handcrafted designs and organic leather with ornate embellishments. These pieces are in certain stores, so let their customer service assist you in locating those hard-to-find goodies!

hm_con_10 hm_con_11 hm_con_19 hm_con_18 hm_con_16 hm_con_12 hm_con_13 hm_con_17 hm_con_15 hm_con_14hm_con_20

Check out more Conscious Style:


Come Party with The First Lady of THE JUNQUI.COM!

All roads lead to Salon de Lafayette for the bday celebration of Miss funky fresh DJ QUIANA PARKS!


FASHION: Behold, Your New Supreme: Reign Supreme Tee x Served Fresh

I live for American Horror Story: Coven as much as the next witch trying to conquer the Seven Wonders. But no one can conjure more supernatural magic on stage, screen and music than the almighty Diana Ross.  Served Fresh captured this wonderfully with their latest addition, “Reign Supreme”.



Can’t wait get a hold of this! Check out the rest of the hot goods from Served Fresh:


FASHION: Melody Ehsani Launches Fresh Apparel Line M.E. x Spring 2014

Bold earrings. Dope chains. Haute nail wraps. Her sold-out kicks. There’s nothing that funky accessories designer Melody Ehsani can’t do! Now she’s adding another big piece to her ever-growing Eh-mpire: introducing her first apparel line, “M.E” for Spring ’14!







tumblr_meoldyehsani_cleajersey2 tumblr_melodyehsani_cleajersey





The World of Melody Ehsani:


SNAPSHOT: Criss-Cross.


Aida from Barcelona shows off her plaid-fit.


SNAPSHOT: Goldfinger(s).


I’ll take two, please.



You think Pharrell Williams is ever going to stop winning? GQ certainly doesn’t think so —  Mr. Happy himself dons the April 2014 “Style Bible” cover in a look that can only be described as “oh, that’s sooo Pharrell!” Throughout his feature he’s seen rocking Chanel chains, pastel hues as an ode to Spring, and his newest signature: his Vivienne Westwood chapeaux.(that happens to have it’s own Twitter and Instagram!)


Check out the full cover story and the stuff that didn’t make it to the mag at GQ.COM!

CREATIVE: If PRADA Ruled The World (Imagine That)

Ah, the mighty power of The Logo. Whether negative or positive, it can evoke a feeling that compels us to “just shut up and buy”. For most of us, it’s the main reason why we gravitate toward certain foods, restaurants and stores (my mom told me my first word ever was “Macy’s”. Sad, I know.) But what if the labels that you’ve grown to love were replaced with one entity; a Super-Brand, the Mutha of All Logos? That’s the idea Italian film and art director Davide Bedoni played around with, letting Prada be the Grand Puba of them all.














To see more Prada-oriented logos by Davide Bedoni, and to check out his other works:

Prada Tumblr /Davide Bedoni site

ART: Graphic artist AVERY NEJAM spills the tea on why we’re all alot stronger than we think…


The wide world of Instagram has introduced me to so many amazing and talented people. Everyday I’m exposed to a new kind of art form that makes me want to get to know the actual person behind the creative pieces. That couldn’t be more relevant regarding Mississippi-bred graphic artist AVERY NEJAM. Her bright hues will make you smile, her humor and pop art aesthetic will make you laugh, but her story will make you stand up and cheer. I’m on Team Nejam, and after hearing what drives her, you may want to reach for some pom-poms:

averynejam17 averynejam18

When did you discover your love for creating visual art?

Skateboarding is where it all started. It’s the root of everything I do. I started skateboarding when I was 5 years old, so you can say somewhere between then and now(I’m 22), a spark of creativity was lit.

averynejam26 averynejam36 averynejam13

What’s your mindset before you start a new piece?

Stay awake. Stay informed. I like to try and keep four eyes open at all times (do my red glasses count as an extra set of eyes?). I never know where that next piece of the inspiration puzzle might come from. Keeping my mindset open to anyone, anything, anywhere is a vital mantra to nurture my creativity.

averynejam35 averynejam33 averynejam34

The music that you surround yourself with, do you find that it reflects in your work?

Music is the driving force in my workflow; it encompasses the mood and feel of each individual piece I create. It allows me to visually taste colors and shapes through whatever I may be listening to at the time. It’s safe to say my taste in music is wide and far, crossing over many genres, which I think can be picked up on through my body of work as a whole and some of the music artists I’ve created work around. 



Your signature red glasses are prevalent in a few of your pieces, how long have you had them?
I’ve been wearing my red glasses for years now…while in art school in both NYC and Boston(I attended Parsons New School for Design & The School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston) I started to notice people recognizing me by my red glasses; that was the revelation that started it all. ‘Iconify Me.’ is my coined ideology that the characteristics that set us apart, often become our trademarks. What we’re remembered by: What makes you, YOU.’(for me, it’s my red glasses!) Since then, my work has always touched on identity in some form or fashion ever since.
averynejam22 averynejam16 Lupita Nyong'o Poster 1
In terms of the art scene and personal style, what decade/era could you see yourself living in?
I’d say I’m an ‘old soul’ in a sense, because I’m always being influenced by culture/art/music that has come before me…but if I were to choose an era, it’d be the one we’re living in right now. The time is now. With the advancements of technology and the internet and mankind alone, we live in a pretty remarkable time. I mean, think about it…the world is at our fingertips at all times. And for the first time ever, we’re all globally available to each other through technology–which has it’s pros and cons–but I like to focus on the pros. (I’ve got many creative friends all over the world that I’ve kept in contact with for years and we’ve never met in person; all because of the internet.) But anyone and anything you’d like to learn or know is right there.
averynejam21 averynejam20 averynejam24
What motivates you to keep going when you reach bumps in the road?
In 2012 I had a series of pretty severe health problems caused from Crohn’s Disease. While traveling in Shanghai, China, I had a massive flare of Crohn’s, causing me to be hospitalized over there before finally making it back to the U.S. and having 3 major abdominal surgeries including the removal of my entire colon.
 So, to go back to your original question of,”What motivates me to keep going?”…When it’s all taken away, you start to realize that we aren’t here for very long, so whatever it is you want to say or do…say or do it now. Nothing is guaranteed in this life.
In short, my road to recovery has been far from easy and had more bumps and detours than you’re average person would’ve liked to experience, but coming out on the other end, I’ve realized that we’re all a whole hell of a lot stronger than we can begin to imagine: “Tragic events which cause change in our lives are often the root of emerging opportunities.
averynejam28 averynejam31 averynejam27
Do you have a personal list of favorite artists?
My top two innovators that I feel have changed the game for me would have to be Andy Warhol and George Lois. To cite Warhol as an influence coming from a visual artist and screen printer like myself can be quite cliché, I understand; and although I enjoy the visuals of his work…the genius of Warhol was the way he was able to merge both commercial and fine art, which is a very hard task for any artist, even to this day.
George Lois is the father of ‘The Big Idea’ and the original ‘Mad Man.’ His influence on both my workflow and visual communication skills are endless. Here are two quotes and a book recommendation all creative people should read and live by:
“If you’re a creative in any business, think of yourself as a doctor giving a patient medicine that will save his life. I’m dead serious.”
 “To me, a true creative spirit means to fight the good fight, always rejecting Con…and creating Icon.”
A Must Read: ‘Damn Good Advice (for people with talent)’ all by George Lois
averynejam19 averynejam15 averynejam32
For people that come in contact with your work, what would you want them to take away from it?

I feel artists in any field “create to relate” most prominently through music, but if I can create that experience visually…I’ve done my job.


Check out more awesomeness (her red glasses included!) from AVERY NEJAM:

FASHION: Tom Ford references Jay-Z referencing Tom Ford // London Fashion Week 2014

Ever heard of a designer doing a knockoff of knockoff of their own work? That’s exactly what happened at the Tom Ford Fall 2014 runway show during London Fashion Week:


The tee that Jay has been wearing during his Magna Carta tour is from BlackBoyPlace, and Tom Ford’s “version” is on the right. There may be talks that this was indeed a collab, but according to WWD.COM that doesn’t sound like the case:

..But the look that will send Twitter into overdrive is Ford’s sparkling dress bearing the number 61 — “My year of birth,” he said with a groan. It’s actually a riff on the $65 counterfeit Ford football jersey that Jay Z has been wearing to perform in stadiums. “I knocked off the knockoff — in sequins,” Ford deadpanned.

Can’t wait to see the social media coverage about this.

SNAPSHOT: V Day // Vintage Monster Valentines

Old school horror v-day stickers by Norman Saunders in 1966.

They don’t make valentines like this anymore!

vday_horrorstickers vday_horrorstickers2 vday_horrorstickers3 vday_horrorstickers4(last row, L to R: Hug Me; Let’s Stroll In The Moonlight; Don’t Keep Me In The Dark)

FASHION: R.I.P. Flappy Bird Tee // Nineteenth Letter Chicago

So by now, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the popular game Flappy Bird flying the mobile app coop. Now you can commemorate the unforeseen demise of quite possibly one of the most addictive apps ever.  You’ll soon be able to feed your need for the Bird, thanks to the collab by Nineteenth Letter Chicago x Joel Gonzalez:


Check them out to see what else these two have under their wings:

INSTAGRAM // Nineteenth Letter Chicago :: Joel Gonzalez

SITE // Nineteenth Letter Chicago :: Joel Gonzalez

ART: Daigo Fukawa // “Rough Sketch Products”

Talk about bringing your imagination to life!


At first glance this seems like your typical, quickly-executed illustration, but don’t be fooled; these aren’t your average doodles, people.

fukawadaigo2 fukawadaigo3

The basic white backdrop coupled with the ingenious maneuvering of colored wires takes your brain on a wild ride of perception. The functional furnishings were conjured up by Japanese student Daigo Fukawa for his Senior thesis at Tokyo University for the Arts.








This definitely reminds me of Harold and the Purple Crayon. (if you’re too young to know who that is, Google is your friend.)

If you’re looking for a more aggressive style of sketch furniture ideas, then South Korean designer Jinil Park has you covered:



On the opposite side of the 3D spectrum is Maya Selway, a British jewelry designer and contemporary artist that’s known for her elegant and more minimalist conceptions.


So the next time you decide to doodle on a sketch pad, just remember… it doesn’t always have to stay there!



clockwise: bespoke helmets from Rag and Bone; Diane Von Furstenberg; Pamela Love; Marchesa

I just love it when Sports and Fashion collide!

The NFL, in conjunction with mega-retailer Bloomingdales and the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) have teamed up to create one-of-a-kind helmets to celebrate Super Bowl XLVIII. The bedazzled, feathered and studded pieces from 48 design houses are up for auction, and it’s for a great cause. 100% of the proceeds will go to the NFL Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports team charities and provides youth assistance in multiple communities. Sounds like a win-win!

Here’s a few of my favorites!


Cynthia Vincent


Kenneth Cole


Public School

Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe

Richard Chai

Richard Chai


Cynthia Rowley

Catherine Malandrino

Catherine Malandrino

Vince Camuto

Vince Camuto

To see all 48 helmets and bid on your winning piece before the auction ends on Feb 4, go to NFL.COM/SUPERBOWLHELMETS!


Photographer Karim Sadli captured Ms. Badu for Purple Magazine. She was draped in Givenchy from 2008 – 2014.

Just breathe it all in.

givenchy_erykahbadu6 givenchy_erykahbadu5 givenchy_erykahbadu4 givenchy_erykahbadu3 givenchy_erykahbadu2 givenchy_erykahbadu

FASHION: Marc Jacobs Stash in exchange for a tweet?

No money? no problem!


Designer Marc Jacobs is set to reveal a pop-up shop where only “social currency” is exchanged; so a hashtag mention on twitter, instagram or facebook gets you major doses of MJ.  The “Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop” will be up and running February 7-9, during New York Fashion Week. The event will of course include contests and giveaways…and the best daily instagram pic can win a Marc Jacobs bag.

It just got real.

…but try to make sure your phone doesn’t go below 5% during your #MJDaisyChain hashtag frenzy!


WHO: Marc Jacobs

WHAT: Daisy Pop Up Shop

WHERE: 462 West Broadway

WHEN: February 7-9

FASHION: The 2014 Grammy Awards x Looks of the Night! (aka the looks I cared about)

(Psst. Can I be honest with you? I forgot about the Grammys. Seriously, I did. I was flipping through the channels, thinking about how much my soon-to-be dinner was calling my name…and just when I had given up all hope of finding something to distract me for 10 minutes before my food was ready to be consumed, I saw it: the E! Channel’s Red Carpet Special. My initial thought? Le Crap. I had to make a choice: delight in the savory food that I knew would be waiting for me, or watch 2 hours of the fashion commentary. I’m no fool…I chose both! So now with my inner greedy girl fully satisfied, I was free to partake in the numerous ensembles of the night. I can only imagine what might have happened if I didn’t eat. All I know is, it wouldn’t have been pretty!)

If there’s one thing that you can count on to keep your attention during an awards show, it’s the FASHION, dahling! The stars came dressed to the nines for the red carpet, and some were ready to shine…literally!



She looks like a haute Bond girl. P.S. I need those cheekbones.

Chrissy Teigen / Johanna Johnson


Forget The Last Dragon…this mommy-to-be has the glow!

Ciara / Emilio Pucci


Art deco lines enhance her bodacious curves in this radiant gown.

Amber Rose / Naeem Khan


I feel like dancing! This dress has Studio 54 written all over it!

Rita Ora / Lanvin


That’s some major body armor!

Taylor Swift / Gucci



Queen B really showed us what she’s made of. No, really, the dress is see-through lol.

 Beyonce / Michael Costello


you think she hit a high note with this one?

Katy Perry / Valentino


This awesome Aussie loves her Elie.

Iggy Azalea / Elie Saab


You know Paris; business in the front, party in the back.

Paris Hilton / Haus of Milani



Rocking an early Valentine’s Day look? I heart it.

Pink / Johanna Johnson


This gown has just enough visual interest without it going to hoochie-ville. Me gusta.

Colbie Caillat / Ezra Santos


This baby Braxton’s body was snatched in this Costello couture.

Tamar Braxton / Michael Costello



Rita went glam with her ring party, but unexpectedly funky with her mani!

grammy2014_ritaora9 grammy2014_ritaora


These nails are sooo Kelly. Love the black with the slight gold accents (to match her custom Badgley Mischka of course!) + peep the grammy!


Think Lady B can SERFBORT with this gleaming ring party?

Think Lady B can SERFBORT with this gleaming ring party?


remember when you had pens without the caps loose in your backpack? yep, that’s what happened here. It’s cool, Lorde. It completes your look.




King Kendrick looked too cool in this navy piece.

Kendrick Lamar / Dior Homme


…and speaking of Kendrick, here he is between two greats: Jay is rocking Tom Ford, Pharrell is in a Vivienne Westwood hat + Adidas Originals leather track jacket.

Miguel looked ultra-sleek in his all black ensemble. Shiny leather pants + boots by Saint Laurent.

Soooo…how do YOU think everyone looked?

CREATIVE: Viviana Belle // Makeup Artist


There’s nothing I love more than an innovative individual, and Viviana Belle is no exception!

Owner of  Philly’s Bitten Beauty Bar, this talented MUA (MakeUp Artist) not only gives her clients great face, but she really shines when her creative juices start flowing.  This photo was my first introduction to her gifted artistry:

IG_vivanabelle3Inspiration: Stargazer Lily

I love her use of different color combos and applications; she changes the whole mood of each look! Compare the light and sweet lily to this next dark and mysterious flower:

IG_vivanabelle16Inspiration: Black and Red Rose

She also likes to showcase her love for sweets in a unique way!

IG_vivanabelle5 IG_vivanabelle4 IG_vivanabelle7

She even finds inspiration in the wildest places…

IG_vivanabelle2 IG_vivanabelle8

…and from decadent accessories!

IG_vivanabelle10 IG_vivanabelle9


Viviana is also a pro at Halloween! Here she is as a Geisha, but don’t think she’s afraid to get down and dirty with special effects:

IG_vivanabelle IG_vivanabelle6

Keep up with all things VIVIANABELLE:


LIFESTYLE: True // False?

tumblr_LOLhasturnedintoSounds accurate to me!

FASHION: 1984 (coming soon) x Nineteenth Letter Chicago

I stand by my belief that the 80s were the most influential era, EVER. Think about it: the movies, music, celebrities…and don’t get me started on the STYLE!  The essence of that time period continues to remain relevant and inspirational to this day. I’m so glad Sergio Scott — the creative director behind clothing brand NINETEENTH LETTER CHICAGO – echoes those same feelings!

IG_nineteenthletter_1984 IG_nineteenthletter_19842

Be on the lookout for this crewneck and bomber jacket on NINETEENTH LETTER CHICAGO!


P.S. can we talk about these customized Sergio Scott timbs? He’s dubbed them “KAWS and EFFECT” giving tribute to the famous artist KAWS. Love them!

Check out more from Sergio Scott x NINETEENTH LETTER CHICAGO:

INSTAGRAM: Sergio Scott // Nineteenth Letter Chicago

TWITTER: Sergio Scott

FASHION: Fendi Menswear F/W 2014

Sooo, apparently no one in the Fendi house was worried about offending anyone from PETA. Don’t know what I mean? Two words: Fur. Runway.

Fendi - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Menswear Autumn/Winter 2014

All animal rights aside, I enjoyed this collection. From the chunky knits to the winter-weight outerwear, this collection made me want to sit in front of a fireplace and drink a big cup of hot chamomile/ginger tea while I get ready for my snowy Sled Night out with my girls in Aspen. You know, the usual.

 tumblr_fendifw2014_10 tumblr_fendifw2014_14 tumblr_fendifw2014_13 tumblr_fendifw2014_12 tumblr_fendifw2014_15


…and YES, they sent a Pokemon bag down the runway. It’s so random and I love it!

FASHION: Party Pack x Nike Womens Sportswear

Nike wants you to celebrate the New Year in a flashy way, and since the Ball Drop already happened in Times Square, this is the next best thing!


These disco ball-esque kicks come in three popular Nike styles – (from L to R) the Air Max 1, the Blazer, and the Dunk Sky Hi.

I personally love these! There’s a look for every kind of chica: a dance choreographer, basketball lover, haute DJ, workout enthusiast, and every woman in between! You can pick your favorite style when Nike debuts them January 20th online and in select Nike Sportswear stores.



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