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CREATIVE: The Art Of Patience (Lekien)

payle21 payle8

These are the two images I saw on Tumblr that stopped me in my tracks. When I discovered the other works executed by Patience Lekien, I knew I had to find out what made him tick. (His background stories about his pieces alone made me want to know more!) He’s become one of my favorite artists that I’ve (happily) stumbled upon, and hopefully he’ll become one of yours, too!

THE JUNQUI: Can you remember when you first started sketching/drawing? How/when did you figure out it was something you wanted to develop?
“Interracial Identities”
PATIENCE LEKIEN: I started drawing around 4. I remember I didn’t have many toys growing up, only a few that were dear to me. But it seemed I had an endless supply of paper and so I would just draw what I saw or what came to mind. My parents fueled my creativity by giving me supplies growing up. I didn’t make a conscious decision to develop my drawing skills. They kind of just manifested as I grew up because it was something I loved to do and it helped me escape from reality and create a world of my own, with characters, stories, and so on. I didn’t start taking art seriously until about two and a half years ago.
THE JUNQUI: I got so excited when I saw your “Grown Up Proud Family” work. Please tell me that you are involved in a future project! 
PATIENCE LEKIEN: Yeah, I plan on creating more Proud Family pieces in the future. I’ve been working on part 2 of the graduation scene as well as other character scnes but it’s all been halted due to my internship and the time it takes. I’ll hopefully be back at it in a month or so. I don’t know where the project will take me, but I’m just glad people have taken a liking to it.
TJ: What pieces would you say get the most comments/questions/inquiries from other people?
PL: Definitely the Proud Family pieces. Mainly because the Proud Family itself is very known and is dear to many people’s hearts. We grew up with it, you know? One of the few black cartoons I had growing up.
(BACKGROUND: After Penny and friends graduated from high school, they celebrated by getting piercings together. Penny, Dijonay, and LaCienega all got stud nose rings. Zoey decided to finally break out of her shell and make a bold statement by getting a septum nose ring. Sticky wasn’t about that life, so he just got his ears pierced. Four years after graduation we catch up with Penny and friends once again.

Zoey graduated from a four year college and received a double major in Psychology and Women Studies. She now travels around the world working for a large nonprofit organization helping underprivileged children and women around the world. She is extremely free spirited and loves what she does.

Penny graduated from a four year college studying Communications with a minor in Race Studies, and graduated Magna Cum Laude of her class. She is now working towards her Masters in Education at Columbia. She also stopped relaxing her hair and went all natural, embracing her naps.

Sticky decided not to go to college and instead pursued his love of music. He is now a full-time producer and DJ and couldn’t be happier. He finally had his growth spurt and can finally fit into his pants. He now prefers to wear clothes that fit him. He has a newborn son whom he loves more than anything: Sticky Jr.

Dijonay went to a two year college to study nursing only to find out she hated it. She decided to drop out of the program. She took her side job of doing hair and made a career out of it, opening up her own salon. She is well known at what she does and it has brought her much fame. Upon dropping out, she also gave birth to her son, Sticky Jr. Her dream finally came true.

LaCienega attended a four year college for two years as undeclared, just because she had the money and the means. During the beginning of her junior year, she was told she had to choose a major. Indecisive, she decided to drop out and do something worth her time. She went into the modeling business and was extremely successful. She is currently working on dropping her first single.)

TJ: What are YOUR favorite pieces and why?
“One Blood”
PL: My number one favorite piece is probably “One Blood”. It’s just very powerful, both visually and emotionally. It focuses on unity within the black race. Every aspect of it was very personal to me while making it.
(BACKGROUND: This piece stemmed from a moment when I was on twitter and saw “#teamlightskin” and “#teamredbone” and for some reasons thoughts just came into my head and it all lead into this.
In this illustration there is a slave mother, holding her dead child. The child was born half white, half black, but because he had black features and very few white features, the father wanted nothing to do with him. The father often took out his anger on the child, and one day, he went too far. The mother is holding the child tight in her arms praying her son can be brought back to life. The blood symbolizes the unity between the two. They share the same blood.

The meaning behind this is to stop all the bullshit with blacks taking sides with skin color. We’re the same people, having gone, and going through the same struggle and we have to hold each other close and keep each other alive.)

TJ: I saw multiple pieces on LEVIATHAN, & I fell in love…I want to read that story! Is that a comic/Manga that you are developing and turning into a physical book?
payle16 payle14
PL: Yeah, I’ve been working on the first graphic novel here and there for the past two years. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be out anytime soon. But there will be a website launch that will have a basic overview of the story and the characters. It’s probably the project I’m most excited about because it focuses on many different types of struggles people face and these struggles are told through the many diverse characters in the story.
…also, LEVIATHAN becomes part of a larger universe (something like Marvel Universe or DC, but less tights and body suits, lol) with many different characters by different artists, and the joint project is called NOIR. But in the meantime, I’ll still be creating art to accompany the story!
TJ: What’s the story behind Hop Hop League Of Heroes, because I thought that was too dope!
(BACKGROUND: From L to R: 2CHAINZ: weapon of choice, his two large gold chains, are used to grab far away opponents or objects. The chains are coated with an aura that can turn into intense fire, burning and disintegrating anything it touches in seconds; NICKI MINAJ: able to take the form of other human beings by shapeshifting, by simply touching them. She is also a master of disguise; J COLE: can freeze anything he touches and he can manipulate ice and lower surrounding temperatures at will; WIZ KHALIFA: Holds the ability to set little things on fire. He can also make his opponents hallucinate by affecting their psychological being.)
PL: That started as a fun piece. At first, I didn’t plan on going far with it, but it’s been liked a lot, so that’s changed. I actually restarted the whole project and restructured it, so I can have more freedom in the designs of the music artists I choose. As for the story behind it, you’ll have to wait and see. I’m releasing the new and improved designs pretty soon… :)
TJ: Do you need to get into a certain element before you start a piece? (Certain kind of music, environment, food, tons of coffee? Lol) 
“Hey! Arnold: What If?”
payle22“David VS. Goliath (Pikachu VS. Charizard)”
PL: Nah. All I need is pencil, paper, and an idea, and I’m good to go. Most of my ideas begin on paper, until I execute it in Photoshop, Illustrator, or what have you. The hardest part is getting the idea, or motivation. Once I have that, the wheels just start turning.
TJ: What do you ultimately want others to feel when they view your work? 
“Black In America”
“Mukar Athfu”
PL: It honestly depends on the piece. One of the strongest and most reoccurring themes in my art is empowerment. As a black male, I recognize my oppression based on my race, but I also recognize my privilege based on my gender. These often come into play in my art. I like to focus on themes such as black empowerment, female empowerment, social inequalities, and so on. I guess ultimately, I want people to be able to see that through my work. 
Check out more work from PATIENCE LEKIEN and follow him for new updates:

CREATIVE: If PRADA Ruled The World (Imagine That)

Ah, the mighty power of The Logo. Whether negative or positive, it can evoke a feeling that compels us to “just shut up and buy”. For most of us, it’s the main reason why we gravitate toward certain foods, restaurants and stores (my mom told me my first word ever was “Macy’s”. Sad, I know.) But what if the labels that you’ve grown to love were replaced with one entity; a Super-Brand, the Mutha of All Logos? That’s the idea Italian film and art director Davide Bedoni played around with, letting Prada be the Grand Puba of them all.














To see more Prada-oriented logos by Davide Bedoni, and to check out his other works:

Prada Tumblr /Davide Bedoni site

ART: Celebrity Illustrations x Jovan Rosario

The sheer admiration I have for someone that’s artistically inclined is definitely an 11 on a 1-10 scale. Whether it’s with a pencil, paintbrush, spoken word or a camera, I’m usually drawn to their raw talent, especially the ones who are self-taught. To be able to find your passion and just go for broke is beautifully amazing to me. Here is one example: illustrator JOVAN ROSARIO.


THE JUNQUI: How did you get into illustrating?

JOVAN ROSARIO:  Well drawing was always & still is my passion. My imagination was somewhat different from others in elementary school; I was a bad ass, I would always find myself sketching during class. I really started fashion illustrations 2-3 years ago & have been practicing ever since. With portraits, I’ve only been sketching for about a year. I had no idea what I was capable of until I tried it.

IG_ponyy_boyy13 IG_ponyy_boyy6


THE JUNQUI: What are your influences?

JOVAN ROSARIO: Music, Fashion designers & my mood influences a lot of my work. A few people that have influenced my work are Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Olivier Rousteing, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, The Olsen Twins & Beyonce.

IG_ponyy_boyy9 IG_ponyy_boyy11

TJ:  Where would you like to travel to draw inspiration?

JR: One of my dreams is to travel to two of the biggest fashion capitals, Paris & Milan.

TJ: How would you describe your work?

JR:  To be honest my work represents me; fashion forward, minimal yet bold & detailed.

IG_ponyy_boyy10 IG_ponyy_boyy2 IG_ponyy_boyy

TJ: What do you want people who view your work to take away from it?

JR:  I want people to be inspired to do whatever it is they want to pursue in life. If I can inspire someone everyday, that would be an amazing accomplishment.

IG_ponyy_boyy4 IG_ponyy_boyy7 IG_ponyy_boyy14

TJ:  I see you illustrate celebs with great accuracy. Have you received feedback from any one of them?

JR:  I have been fortunate enough to have my work seen & acknowledged by Rihanna, Cara Delevingne (model), Rosie Huntington (model), Willy Cartier (male model), Kim Kardashian & Beyonce. Rihanna & Kim Kardashian also follow me because of my artwork. To this day, I still have that feeling of shock; it feels so surreal. I’m just so grateful for all the love and recognition.

IG_ponyy_boyy12 IG_ponyy_boyy5 IG_ponyy_boyy3

Check out more from Jovan Rosario:


ART X FASHION JUNQUI: Kidult Presents The “Your Luxury Is Our Misery” T-Shirts

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Yesterday morning Kidult was at it again with his latest victim of graffiti art on the Maison Martin Margiela flagship store in Brussels. Continuing to spread his message against the luxury brands of this world, he presents his new “Your Luxury Is Our Misery” t-shirt. The t-shirt comes in black and in white, featuring a version of the Chanel logo around the neck and the message at the bottom, signed with the artist’s name.

The new Kidult “Your Luxury Is Our Misery” T-Shirts release today on his website, each limited to 50 pieces, at 12:00PM noon EST.



Dain is a street artist from Brooklyn, NY. His medium is collage and if I say so myself….his creations are amazingly COOL.  His style is immediately recognizable, with neon highlights and circled eyes. When I started researching articles for this post I found very little information on him…and then I found the youtube video below by Blue collar pictures.  It says it ALL! And from now on I will no longer be biased in thinking that all street artists are between 20 and 40 years old! I’m looking forward to discovering his work in NY and I promise to take lots of photos and share them with you!

ART JUNQUI: Disney & CLOT “Man Is In The Forest” Retrospect Book Preview


Disney and CLOT celebrate their extended and prolific partnership over the last few years with this upcoming Disney & CLOT “Man Is In The Forest” Retrospect Book. The publication via OVERDOPE will feature interviews with the likes of Dr. Romanelli, Kazuki Kuraishi, Madsaki and also review some CLOT projects which have been done in collaboration with Disney, including Travelling Mickey. Expect more info to come as the book’s August 2012 release date nears.

Source: Hypebeast.cc

ART JUNQUI: SO JEALOUS!: Sam Rodriguez “FUSION MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND” Exhibition @ Cukui Gallery


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Before I start talking about this Magnifient Artist, I’d like to say a quick word to all you Cali JUNQUIs…


Okay so the reason why I am jealous is because artist Sam Rodriguez, a champion of multi-cultured art and design, is having his latest exhibition at the Cukui Gallery in San Jose, California. This Art JUNQUI is always challenging his viewers’ perceptions of cultural identity and ethnic perspectives. His exhibition “FUSION MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND” contains a richly painted collection of portraits comprised of land maps, their imposed borders, and other geographical cues. The idea was to engage the viewer in a manner that would raise thoughtful questions over classifications and identities in relation to cultural experience. The exhibition runs through August 10, giving you suckers plenty of time to get down to the Cukui Gallery in San Jose.

Please GO and write me at quiana@thejunqui.om to tell me how is was in person!

Cukui Gallery
229 Jackson Street
San Jose, CA 95112
United States


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Duvaughn Robinson, is a 21 year old accessory designer, photographer and all around creator who goes by the name ‘Mr. Artist’.

Mr. Artist is definitely one of New York’s up and coming best-kept secrets in accessories. This artist drew my attention with his attention to detail–from his accessories to his surroundings–and his love for bright colors, abstract shapes, cartoon-inspired products. Wanting to know more, I asked him a few fun questions about fashion, creativity, and his lifestyle:

What fashion trend would you like to see die a slow and painful death?

Those horrible 80′s style spandex dresses that are so popular now. Only a few designers are actually innovative with their take on the trend.


ART JUNQUI: Herakut “After The Laughter”


My new favorite artist is….dun dun dun….drumroll please…Herakut! The duo of Hera and Akut! After seeing photos of their latest work in  “After The Laughter” I fell in love.
Herakut presented a collection of new work consisting of original paintings, drawings and sculptures. Herakut’s paintings took me away, I love the pieces of the children with crowns on.  The duo has an ability to capture emotion through their character’s eyes. I love their work, it is simply stunning.
If you are in London and you are an ART JUNQUI please go to “After The Laughter” in Mayfair, and let me know how it went. The show will run until June 10th at Shea & Ziegler – 99 Mount Street, Mayfair, W1K 2TF London. photos from butterflyartnews





More pictures after the jump…

ART JUNQUI: Elsa Hosk by Guy Aroch Photoshoot

Elsa Hosk by Guy Aroch Photoshoot

Not for the first time model Elsa Hosk gets in front of the lense of photographer Guy Aroch. In this latest shoot, the photographer once again manages to produce beautiful images in black  and white, as well as in that distinct 70s look. Job well done! Check out the full series of images after the jump.



Tri-State area, NYC & NJ people come out to the Bowery Poetry Club  April 24th, Sol Infinite will be performing alongside, Rav. PJohnny Prince9th Element, & hailing from Berlin, Germany Kyss Major.

A DJ set from  Black Pawn 
Hosting the show will be   Seldom Seen with special guest artist Efrain Eleazar Aguilar Jr. who’s artwork will be on display as well as for sale.

Please make it out, it will be a great night of Good Music & Good People.

10 PM.

If you cant make it out, and for those outside the Tri-State Area. Show will be streaming live http://www.bowerypoetrylive.com/

ART JUNQUI: Some guy made a video called Pink City something…idk…but Fafi’s work is in it…

Okay, so none of this is in english but my girl Fafi’s art is in the video…enough said chumps. Watch the video kids.

ART JUNQUI: I NEED THIS….Digital Graffiti Wall…SICK!

You cannot tell me you wouldn’t want this in your place! I’ll trade a flat screen for this any day! Fusing interactive technology with street art, the Digital Graffiti Wall is ideal for corporate and opening events, music festivals, trade shows and brand promos. It’s a unique, unifying activity that brings people together and generates a great atmosphere.

The Digital Graffiti Wall is fully customizable. Painting stencils, screen overlays and the digital graffiti cans. SICK!

ART JUNQUI: FAFI “the Carmine Vault”

“Parisian-based artist Fafi will celebrate the release of her new book “the Carmine Vault” at Gallery Nucleusin Alhambra, California. In addition, the artist will display a mini exhibit of new work which will serve as a scenery for the festivities. Known for her colorful feminine pieces, the globally acclaimed artist’s work has often been displayed on the streets of the globes most famous cities, as well is in Vogue Magazine, Adidas advertisements, and colette in Paris. Guests of the party will also have the opportunity to win signed copies of the book and a limited edition Fafi tote bag. The event takes place April 16.” via Hypebeast

Gallery Nucleus
Fafi “The Carmine Vault” Mini Exhibition
April 16, 2012
210 East Main St.
Alhambra CA


Here is a dope project for Mixed Media Artists who are looking for an opportunity to get exposure (with primary focus to Hip Hop). The Event is called “Respect My Fresh” trade & art show. It will be held in Amityville New York on April 1st.
The event is for independent brands and lifestyle enthusiast. Sneaker Collectors, Graffiti Artists, Painters, Artists, Models, Clothing Lines (& Accessories), Photographers, Musicians, Websites, Dancers, Bands, & Anyone Looking For A Opportunity To Sell, Expose, & Promote Their Craft & Skills… Live Life To The Fullest!

FASHION JUNQUI: Let Your Fingers Do the Talking..

2012 is here, and with a new year comes new resolutions. You know the usual suspects – drink more water, exercise often, become more organized, blah-blah-blah. These honorable ideas sound great on paper, but they rarely become promises that people ACTUALLY keep. If you focus on improving the little things first, you can inch your way to the bigger picture. Becoming more expressive and showcasing your creativity is a more realistic resolution that can actually be achieved…and nothing screams expression and creativity like dramatic funky fresh nails.

Check out these three talented ladies who have some of the most steady hands and artistic minds in the biz…I have the pics to prove it!


Galaxy nails.

Nude & Neon Classic.


one of my Madeline Poole favorites..

ok, maybe THIS is my favorite.


Lisa Frank Nails! what a throwback..

Pocahontas/sunset nails..

Inspired by Oscar de la Renta Spring 2012/Givenchy Resort 2012


VERY abstract-expressionist..

simple, yet full of detail..

nail art inspired by the model's sweater print..

nails inspired by French artist Fafi..

Contact these gifted nail artists to bring out your best avant-garde style!

Madeline Poole: madelinepoolenails.tumblr.com / Madeline Poole Nail Art facebook / @MPnails /madelinepoole@gmail.com

Fleury Rose: fleuryrosenails.tumblr.com / Nails by Fleury Rose facebook / @fleuryrosenails /missfleury@gmail.com

Tacarra Spifster Sutton:spifster.tumblr.com / Spifster Nails facebook / @spifster / spifstersutton@gmail.com

FASHION JUNQUI: I’m Tatt, Tatt, Tatted Up…Kinda Sorta


Temporary tattoos had a brief resurrection as catalyzed by Chanel’s spring ’10 show, but we haven’t seen a convincingly stylish temp tat outside of traditional henna designs (none of those cheesy Cancun lower-back tats, thankyouverymuch). Joanna over at A Cup Of Jo directed us to these artist-created temporary tats that are way cooler than the average roses-’n’-barbed-wire. We’re partial to the series of two-word, eight-letter phrases that let you spell your sentiments on your knuckles. Buy a set of two for $5, here. (Cup of Jo) By Connie Wang



What Up Brooklyn by way of Faile, the art collective formed by Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller, has just created this unique puzzle box set that some fans may recognize as being a smaller version of the Faille Box presented at their U.K. show. Inspired by their desire to allow fans to be creative, Puzzle Boxes is made up of 88 blocks which can be combined to create six completely different base images. The set will be debuted at Faile’s upcoming mini-retrospective, A Decade of Prints and Originals, that is scheduled to be on display at Los Angeles gallery Post No Bills starting June 24.


Andy Warhol X Polaroid. A few years back me and my good friend Kwame Belle went to go see Andy Warhol’s Polaroid collection over at one of those galleries on like 10th and 27th. We had a great time walking around that tiny gallery staring at each photo trying to be deep by looking at the hues and contrast and all the crap. But then we thought, Andy just did these because he like to take photos and not because he was trying to make them his masterpieces. Although we got the point, art critics were like LeBron in last night’s game, they missed the point.  They murdered Warhol’s Polaroid collection, but hey you win some and you lose some. Check out some of these Polaroids below.


ART JUNQUI: Goodnight Goodbye: A Beautiful Evening In A Closed Mind (Short-Film)

This is SOOooooooooOOOOoooooo Dope! I love it…art at its best! I love running across creativity like this! Check out this Short Film called “Goodnight Goodbye: A Beautiful Evening In A Closed Mind” (Short-Film) by A “Cool Story Bro” Production. Eleven minutes & thirty-four seconds of pure creativity. You have to watch it a few times to catch signs and/or the meaning of the short film. (more…)


About theJUNQUI

We aspire to help up-and-coming artists promote and expose their music, art, designs and creativity to fans and other artists alike by giving them a platform to showcase their works. Unlike big corporations that are solely out for a profit, theJUNQUI looks to help underexposed artists with superstar potential take their talent to the next level while establishing personal, friendly, and honest communication. (more…)

ART JUNQUI: Megan M. Garwood X Whiteout Magazine


The Article below was written by Megan M. Garwood a contributor for Whiteout Magazine. This girl is super cool. She graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, receiving a Bachelor of Arts concentrating in the History of Modern Art with a minor in Ethical Analysis and Morality.  I love her work and the fact that she’s such an art lover! No…really she even has a quote from an artist  tattooed. 

540 West 28th Street
New York, New York
March 5 through April 3, 2011

Well Hung, featuring an eclectic group of mainly New York talent.

The hurricane of criticism MoCA has stirred by appointing Jeffrey Deitch as one of three Ex Officio Trustees reminds the real world that the art world hides behind as many façades as it preserves. Curatorial staffs mainly consist of either honored professors or profitable sales directors, depending in which institution—museum or gallery—the exhibition is held. The Deitch dilemma unfurls much more than the differences between non-profit and commercial art sectors; it also questions the canonical pedigree of a curator. As museums accept staff with atypical resumes, galleries encourage the same. New York adjusts to the influx of collectors’ enthusiasms for intimate galleries, which have sprouted across the globe. Mint&Serf correlates to the new demand because they are artists and curators. Read More.- Megan M. Garwood








So! You guys know my birthday is this SUNDAY, with that being said I decided to create my top 5 songs that will be played at my party. I hope to see you all there. BTW I definitely have dances prepared for all 5 songs.


Looking for a good book to read? Check out one of my fav book publishers/stores OHWOW. Designed by Rafael de Cardenas, the store has a new swag  and combines both a store front and reading room. A must check out on your next NYC trip.

OHWOW Book Club Store
227 Waverly Place
between Perry St & W 11St
New York City



Rosson Crow

Rosson is a history painter, or rather a very exciting update to a history painter. She is a “site specific painter” in the sense that she travels to and often lives for an extended time in the city she plans to make an exhibition in. For Bowery Boys Rosson lived in the city for six months, researching the 1880s Bowery scene, the 1980s downtown scene, and today’s artists connection to and deviation from those precedents, in search of what makes right now so unique.

Rosson seeks to explore how “bad boys”—or lets say renegade illegal activity of either gender I suppose—have shaped the cultural history of New York, and also how the idea of “the bad boy” influences both the recent and current art scene as it gets made into art history. How has the spirit of illegality and rebellious youth shaped our experience of the city today? Gangs, graffiti, gays, drugs and illicit sex are part of the city’s spirit, the vitality of the streets, but also form a big part of the art world today. How has the New Yorker’s love for this spirit shaped recent art history and influenced the young practitioners of its tradition?- excerpt from Bowery Flash by Kathy Grayson



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