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I love beautiful makeup as much as the next girl, and comic book-turned-movies as much as the next seasoned Comic-Con ticket holder … so imagine my delight (or should i say nerd-gasm?) when I stumbled upon these superhero Avengers-themed eyes by makeup artist Jangsara!


These may be a little much for the average Jane to commit to for her 9-to-5 makeup routine…but who says you can’t be a hero and up the ante for your next night out? ┬áJust don’t be surprised when you have strangers Marvel-ing over you in your magnificent and mighty new look!

It’s sooo hard to pick only ONE favorite, so to make it easier on myself, I picked several!

There's no doubt who these patriotic peepers belong to!

smoldering, enticing, and secretly dangerous. All the makings of a Black Widow.

love this green + purple combo, but I really just wanted an excuse to say HULK SMASH!!!

the golden yellow + fire red is a given, but to include the ice blue glow from Iron Man's Arc Reactor? What detail..

the netting on the top corner to emulate the metal armor pattern in Thor's suit? Genius.

Just like Nick Fury, when you see these eyes, you know this chick means business.

Want to see MORE of Jangsara’s captivating eyes? Ogle over all of her looks here:

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Jangsara approves this message lol

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